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Dubai, UAE


ALL4ONE went through two tough matches today against Russian team Synergy, where the race leader changed several times on both matches, offering super tight duels to the public. Seb Col also did two good starts, and particularly on the second race where ALL4ONE managed to take the lead from the very beginning, right after having lost the first match by only 8 seconds. Small mistakes happened on both sides, which were at the origin of the race leaders changes, and both teams will certainly debrief on that looking at the rest of the competition. The level of this Louis Vuitton Trophy – Dubai carries on offering fantastic racing between these six teams, which represent the world’s sailing elite.
ALL4ONE will conclude Round Robin 1 tomorrow by sailing two races against Swedish team Artemis.

John Cutler, Tactician : « it was a nice day sailing. Even though we only got one point where we could have got two, (but we also could have got none), everybody on board did a pretty nice job. We just kept it together and didn’t get stressed, and it all came out nicely for us at the end. We’re communicating better each time we go sailing with Seb Col. Some of the things we tried today didn’t work out, which is a bit disappointing, but we’ve got a coach here, and he’s got some ideas to help us improve for tomorrow. But overall the team is sailing quite well, and now it’s about making the top 4 after the Round Robins to reach the semis. »

Yann Gouniot, Mainsail Trimmer : « These races against the Russians today have been really tight and thus really interesting, with several leader changes. In the second race in particular where the wind shifted a bit on the left: we are quite happy with our good tactics, manoeuvres, a good boat speed, but we also had a good start, so we managed to score that new point. It is a pity for the first race of course, as it was also very tight. Synergy pushed us over the lay line, and unfortunately a bit too far. The Russians also sailed well protecting the right hand side until the end, and we didn’t manage to come back despite our attacks. If you want to sail close, you have to do nice manoeuvres and sail well with good tactics. Today the wind shifted to the left, and in this case it is very difficult for the leader to choose between keeping the starboard advantage (and so the priority), or sailing to the left for the wind. We chose to remain on the left in that case on the second race thanks to John Cutler, and we came back on Synergy, managing to take the lead back just before the end of the second upwind beat, and to keep it. It’s always nice to win a race like this, and it’s a well-deserved point. »

Results Day 4 – Round Robin 1
Race 1: Synergy def ALL4ONE, 00:08
Race 2: Artemis def Mascalzone Latino, 00:39
Race 3: ALL4ONE def Synergy, 00:11
Race 4: Mascalzone Latino def Artemis, 00:38
Race 5: BMW Oracle Racing def Emirates Team New Zealand, 00:19
Race 6 : Emirates Team New Zealand def BMW Oracle Racing, 00:01

Round Robin 1 provisional results
BMW Oracle Racing 7
Emirates Team New Zealand 3,5
Artemis Racing 3
Synergy 3
Mascalzone Latino 2

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Stephanie Nadin

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