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Marseilles, France - 2004-03-12

Nicolas Charbonnier, member of the K-Challenge team working towards the 32nd America’s Cup since 2002, will concentrate his training on match racing during the 2004 season.

Actually, Nicolas wants to get as much experience as possible towards the team’s participation in the 32nd America’s Cup, but he won’t forget when the time comes to start training again on 470, with the goal of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in mind.
Don’t forget that he has already been match racing junior world champion in 2001 in Auckland / New Zealand.

So Nicolas was taking part to a training camp with the French match racing hopes in Marseilles on the 3-6 March.
He sailed with Bertrand Pace, Mathieu Richard, Sébastien Col, Luc Pillot and Damien Iel.
The schedule was organised around sailing, debriefs at the end of the days in order to analyse immediately the different performances and tactics.
He also was advised by the team coach, Marc Bouet.

« This training camp was great, my crew formed of Eric Quesnel, Pierre Ballofier and Gilles Morelle managed to adapt itself very quickly to the boat and to the work together on board, which allowed us to sail with the other teams with a good level. We have even beaten Bertrand Pace’s team in the race we did against them ! », says Nicolas.

His 2004 match racing programme will be as followed :
-Grade 3 Antibes, April 17-19
-Grade 3 Antibes, June 19-21
-Grade 3 Annecy, May 7-9
-Sélection France espoir, October 2-4
-France Espoir, November 11-14

And to be confirmed :

-Lugano, 20-21 March
-Lugano, grade 3 : 26-28 March
-Coppa Marghera Citta grade 4 : 24-25 April
-St Moritz, 4-5 July
-St Moritz, 13-14 July
-Doyle Match grade 3 : Riva 29-31 October

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