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Tight situation against Mascalzone Latino!


La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy - 2010-05-24

After a long time waiting this morning, the wind finally went up on the Louis Vuitton Trophy – La Maddalena’s race course, and the race committee managed to launch today’s six scheduled matches.

ALL4ONE’s races of the day:

In the first match, Synergy won the point against ALL4ONE. Jochen Schümann, Sebastien Col and their crew won the split start and the right of the race course. Karol Jablonski initially prevailed on a long lead out to the port tack layline, but the French-German team rounded the top mark 10 seconds ahead. Synergy drew level on the run downwind and controlled into the bottom mark, forcing ALL4ONE to round the unfavoured gate. With both boats on starboard, Synergy was ahead by 60 metres and never relinquished the lead.

In the second race, Mascalzone Latino went for the left side of the race course and won it, but ALL4ONE split away on port. Both boats level-paced on port but ALL4ONE enjoyed the starboard tack advantage in two close tacks approaching the upwind mark. Mascalzone made two lee-bow tacks, but there was contact the second time with the safety wand from Mascalzone Latino’s boat hooked into the bow of ALL4ONE. The umpires red-flagged the Italian boat for the penalty and unfair advantage, and Mascalzone Latino dropped back as they completed their penalty turn. ALL4ONE won the race by 43 seconds.

Jean-Marie Dauris, Bow : « We have jibed a bit early after the first mark in the downwind leg while we were leading in front of Synergy, and we thought that there was a bit more wind on the left of the race course. So we left the right side, which forced us to take the right mark downwind, where the left one was the most favoured gate. That is when Synergy took the lead. Besides, we’ve had a technical issue with the jib lock that didn’t work, so it didn’t help the whole situation.
Then in the match against Mascalzone Latino, the tacking battle while reaching the mark upwind ended up with a late tack from Mascalzone Latino which received a red flag for that, (the red flag needs to be completed straight away), and allowed us to take control of that race and to win that point. »

Christian Scherrer, Trimmer : « it was really good that we got that race in the evening against Mascalzone Latino after the disappointment of earlier in the day. It was a really tight and close race in pretty shifty conditions. »

ALL4ONE will race against TeamOrigin tomorrow in the second flight, and potentially against Luna Rossa at the end of the day if the conditions are good enough to launch a fourth flight to catch up with the late matches.

Results Day 3 – Round Robin
Race 1: TeamOrigin wins by 1 min 03 sec over BMW Oracle Racing
Race 2: Synergy wins by 36 sec over ALL4ONE
Race 3: Artemis wins by 1 min 12 sec sec over Aleph
Race 4: Azzurra wins by 29 sec over Luna Rossa
Race 5: Emirates Team New Zealand wins by 14 sec over TeamOrigin
Race 6: ALL4ONE wins by 43 sec over Mascalzone Latino

Team Wins/Losses
Artemis 2-0
Aleph 2-1
Mascalzone Latino 1-1
Emirates Team New Zealand 1-0
Synergy 1-0
Azzurra 1-2
TeamOrigin 1-3
Luna Rossa 0-2
BMW Oracle Racing 0-2

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Stephanie Nadin

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