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Geneva, Switzerland - 2003-11-25

The K-Challenge will be in Geneva on the 26/11/03, following AC Management's invitation for the conference, which will unveil to the press and the challengers' representants the name of the city that has been chosen to welcome the 32nd America’s Cup.

The new French challenge wishes once more good luck to the City of Marseilles and supports the candidacy of the city.

Dawn RILEY (team manager), Stephane KANDLER (general manager) and Alain FEDENSIEU (logistics manager) will represent the K-Challenge.

Thierry PEPONNET, skipper, will be live from Paris on French TV "l’Equipe TV" from 11:30am (cable&satellite), which will broadcast the conference. He will be their consultant during the show, in order to comment AC Management's choice and the different subjects linked to it (sailing area, sponsors, …).

Stephane KANDLER will be on the French national news at 12h45 on France 3 to react and present the K-Challenge.

>9 essentials about the K-Challenge :

-A challenge opened to Europe and the world

-A tested, validated and ready-to-go challenge

-A team of 25 people currently designing and sailing on schedule, working on budget and communications

-A challenge with the top players in the America's Cup and corporate managers, coming from any backgrounds

-Shared Values : Team spirit, performance, technology, ecology, coed

-A corporate project launched 24 months ago

-A training base in Marseilles and already signed technical partnerships

-An international tool of communications

-An ambitious sports politics leaning on the Olympic sailors and young hopes of sailing

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