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Nice, France - 2009-11-16

ALL4ONE finished Round Robin 2 with a match against British crew of TeamOrigin, and with a big supporter on board today as 18th man: Raphaël Ibanez, former captain of the French rugby team (98 selections).

After a good start for the two British and French-German crews, TeamOrigin gained the lead on the first beat. With both yachts on starboard tack TeamOrigin seemed to foot out to leeward. When both tacked to port TeamOrigin was to windward and rode ALL4ONE past the starboard layline. TeamOrigin led at the first mark by 23 seconds and covered the rest of the way around the course for the victory. ALL4ONE closes the round robin with a 3-8 record and in seventh place. Delta: 48 seconds

Sébastien Col, Barreur de ALL4ONE: “we showed a solid match even if we didn't win it. The start was the key, as we sailed on the side we wanted, but not with enough space upwind between the boats. We needed a bit more in order to hold our position until the port side layline. The big positive point is that we did a really good match after that, where we put pressure on TeamOrigin during all the race. We managed to destabilize them at the leeward gate in particular. I think that we had the spirit of rugby today on board, as Raphael Ibanez was with us. He is used to these matches against the Brits, and we fought well, even if we didn't win the point. We won't be in the semi-finals, so it is now up to us to finish at the best place in the ranking, in order to show that we improved during the past two weeks.”

Raphael Ibanez, 18th man today on board: “I had the chance to spend a great moment in the heart of the team, and I particularly enjoyed the preparation of the boat and the manoeuvers I was invited to take part to, as my energy and power were used for the warm-up, where I grinded as best as I could: it was simply great ! Then on the start, we feel a deep concentration with all the crew quiet and ready. I was really impressed. Last but not least the manoeuvers, where we can feel all the energy and the organisation which are there to have the boat in the best position. Nothing is impossible, and with a good team spirit and a little bit more of common experience on the boat, the ALL4ONE crew members will change the game with the Brits.”

There is only one match left to race to close Round Robin 2. This duel between Emirates Team New Zealand and Synergy Russian Sailing Team will take place Tuesday at noon, but won't change anything to the final ranking.

The ALL4ONE team members will now have some rest during the two coming days, before racing their first ranking match on Thursday.

Round Robin final ranking

1) Emirates Team New Zealand, 9-1
2) Team Origin, 8-3
3) Azzurra, 7-4
4) Synergy Russian Sailing Team, 6-4
5) Artemis, 5-6
6) BMW Oracle Racing, 4-7
7) ALL4ONE, 3-8
8) TFS-Pages Jaunes, 1-10

Stephanie Nadin

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