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Nice, France - 2009-11-12

Last match in the Round Robin 1 for ALL4ONE, which ends up with a point lost against Italian team Azzurra.
The team is disappointed of course, and even more as they were in a nice position at the beginning of the match after the first mark. But they now look forward to the second part of the competition, as they really are determined not to stay where they are for now in the ranking.

In the race against Azzurra, the French-German team managed to take the advantage in the first upwind leg thanks to good tactics. Azzurra lost their lead on the first beat when it tacked to cover ALL4ONE up on its hip. When Azzurra tacked to starboard to cover the wind was light and ALL4ONE was able to use its momentum to sail through to leeward. ALL4ONE took an advantage of 24 seconds at the first mark, but the team jibed away to starboard. Basically, ALL4ONE jibed out of a covering position. The Italians held port before jibing to starboard later, and when they did, they were headed on starboard with pressure while ALL4ONE was light and lifted on the other side of the course. Azzurra took the lead after the leeward gate. That tactical mistake made the French-German team lost the point.

Jochen Schümann, Skipper : “we are a little bit disappointed, as we really had chances to get into the top. Today the wind conditions were really unstable, and we have been unlucky as well. It is difficult to do “no mistake” as we didn't practice much together so far. The problems we had with the starts made it hard to get points. But the crew work developed really nicely. Now it is more about communications and decision making on board that we need to develop. For sure we are not satisfied, and the sailing was disappointing. But we hope a better second part of the competition to make some points, as we have the potential to be in the first part of the fleet.”

Stephane Kandler, ALL4ONE's CEO : "We are very frustrated tonight, as the team showed it could fight at the same level when it could manage to sail closely against its competitors. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes that cost us too much at this level. Our opponents have used the opportunities better than us, and they managed to take advantage from our lack of cohesion. We will have to prove in the second part of the competition that we don't stand in the right place for us now."

The last matches of the Round Robin will take place tomorrow morning.

Round Robin 1 Provisionnal Ranking

1) Emirates Team New Zealand, 6-0
2) Azzurra, 5-1
3) Team Origin, 4-1
4) Artemis, 3-3
5) BMW Oracle Racing, 2-3
6) Synergy Russian Sailing Team, 2-4
7) ALL4ONE, 2-5
8) TFS-Pages Jaunes, 0-7

Round Robin 1 Pairing list for 13/11/09 :

Artemis (75) vs BMW Oracle Racing (93)
ETNZ (90) vs TeamOrigin (99)
Azzurra (90) vs TeamOrigin (99)
BMW Oracle Racing (99) vs Synergy (90)

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Stephanie Nadin

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