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Auckland, New Zealand - 2009-01-24

Pataugas by K-Challenge has finally arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, where the team landed yesterday early in the morning.

After a 36 hours trip via London and Los Angeles, all the team first took some time to have a rest.

But today, this was time to take part to the first training regattas and manoeuvres against Alinghi, on the Emirates Team New Zealand´s boats, who is also the host for the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series.

Sebastien Col, Skipper and Helmsman for Pataugas by K-Challenge: «we come here with a working spirit for the campaign with the team, but also with a lot of motivation and freshness as it has been a long time since we sailed at this level.

The goal is to prepare the future with K-Challenge as best as we can, and with a sailing progression target. A good result would confirm the building of a strong team for the campaign to come. We do not have a specific performance objective, even if we will give our maximum to win this event. We will orientate the coming sailing work as much as possible towards the America's Cup. I really do look at the long term plans.

Apart from Emirates Team New Zealand and BMW Oracle Racing that know their boats by heart, the sailing interest is reinforced here for all the other teams, as we don´t take the performance difference linked with design into account, which is the case in the America´s Cup. We can´t forget that it is not very common to sail on these boats, and at this level, the motivation comes by itself as far as I´m concerned. The Louis Vuitton Pacific Series are an important competition to orientate the future work for K-Challenge, so it is crucial to be part of it. We are very happy to be in Auckland to finally sail!»

Training continues for the four days to come, before the big event will start on January, 30.

The draw which will decide who the pairs of competitors will be for the Round Robin matches will take place on January, 29, at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

Stephanie Nadin

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