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Gandia, Spain - 2005-10-25

Upon returning to the training base in Gandia, K-Challenge has the pleasure of announcing the arrival of a new partner which will be at the sides of the team throughout the race for the 32nd America’s Cup in 2007: CTA/Mecalog Group, which will be designated as a “supporter”.

Dimitri Nicolopoulos, Design Team Coordinator, explains that as the team finalizes the designs of its new boat, the partnership with CTA will be a tremendous advantage to the team:

“CTA possesses important knowledge with regard to the digital simulation of structures in the aeronautics and defense fields. Moreover, CTA already has experience in nautical projects. We speak a common language and, in developing the structure of our new AC yacht, we will quickly be able to benefit from their expertise.”

CTA is a subsidiary company of Mecalog Group, which provides various industries with a wide range of software (using RADIOSS code in particular), value added services in the field of computer assisted engineering, and more precisely in the digital simulation of nonlinear phenomena in Applied Mechanics.

For 15 years, CTA has provided design and structural dimensioning services for the aircraft, space, and naval industries. CTA conceives and optimizes structures based on dynamics, fatigue, acoustic vibration, and composite materials.

Olivier GAUCHER, Assistant General Manager of CTA/Mecalog, comments on the reasons the company has joined the K-Challenge team:

“The purpose of association with K-Challenge is to reinforce our image as a specialist in composites and structures. Moreover, a project as ambitious as this corresponds to our company’s values and the direction that innovation allows us to take with a product of high technology.
We will bring K-Challenge our expertise and experience with the simulation of composite structures. Our 15 years of understanding and participation in great aeronautics projects will enable us to help K-Challenge optimize the structure of their boat.”

Stephanie Nadin

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