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Fleet race


Trapani, Sicily - 2005-10-08

The Trapani Louis Vuitton Act 9 continued today with races 3 & 4. K-Challenge had some difficulty finding success among the unstable wind and seas. The team finished 10th in both races, in spite of two good starts. This result does not reflect the level of success that the team showed in the match racing of Louis Vuitton Act 8 and especially the fleet racing in Malmö, where the team had a victory.

Thierry Peponnet, Helmsman, considers today’s races: “We had a very good first beat in the first race, but were in a pack of boats at the mark. We lost on the run because we were trying to find clean air, making it difficult to make our own decisions about strategy. We also had a good start on the second race, starting exactly where we wanted. The Swedes tacked above us and prevented us from tacking away. Thus, we spent more time on the left side of the course, which was not favorable. There was quite a gap to the next boat in front of us, so even if we made up distance, it was difficult to gain places.”

Cameron Appleton, Strategist, adds: “It was a difficult day in terms of strategies and it was necessary to be patient in waiting for the long term wind changes. We found ourselves under the clouds in less breeze than the teams who were still under clear sky. We did not really choose the best side of the course.
In the first race, we had a good start and were in a good position, but after the first mark, we were controlled by the pack of teams around us, forcing us to the bad side. It was a true battle to reduce the gap to the boats in front of us. Generally in fleet racing, long-term positioning is very important, especially in trying to keep clean air and room to maneuver. We had success in the first race, on the first beat, thanks to a good strategy.”

The Trapani Louis Vuitton Act 9 comes to a close tomorrow after one last race, also concluding the 2005 season.

Stephanie Nadin

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