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Marseille, France - 2010-06-17

Second race day on the Marseille Trophy for the teams competing in the Audi MedCup, with a race course set up in the North of the bay today.
Nothing is set, and the provisional general ranking is very close, reflecting the very high level of all the teams competing in the circuit.
Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE didn’t really start the day well by finishing 10th on the first race, but the French-German team did a very nice come back on the second race by finishing 2nd after a tough battle on the last downwind leg against Emirates Team New Zealand.

They have said:
Christian Scherrer, Trimmer:
“it’s been a day with ups and downs for us. For the first race we got kicked off to the side we didn’t want to go after the start, then had an incident with Emirates Team New Zealand on the first beat and got a penalty. We tried to get back in the race, but actually finished last, and even if we were pretty close to the rest of the fleet, it was still the last place, so we were disappointed of course. In the second race we pushed hard to go to the left side, and that paid off. We stayed in the front group and were able to secure a second spot. So a bad result and a good result today, which keeps us in the top half of the fleet on the overall ranking. Everything is close, and everything is open for the rest of the week.”

Sebastien Col, Tactician: “today on the first race we finished last, even if we came back very close to the 9th place at some point in the race. So the conclusion is simple, we have to avoid big mistakes, and on this race it’s been a bad start, then a tactical option that was not really the right one, and then a too important risk that we took and that we had to pay back with a penalty at the first upwind mark. Then we ended up behind the fleet, even if we tried to come back close to Luna Rossa, which was in the 9th position at that point. We came back really close, but that has not been enough. Then on the second race, we were eager to come back in the ranking, and we finished second after a solid race. So we did very well and very bad on the same day, but with a conviction (and that’s what I will say tonight to the team): if we avoid big mistakes, I’m convinced that we can end up on the podium, and even win this event.”

Provisional overall standings after 5 races TP52 Series
1. Quantum Racing – 21 points
2. Matador – 21 points
3. TeamOrigin 1851 – 22 points
4. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE – 25 points
5. Bribon – 26 points
6. Synergy – 28 points
7. Emirates Team New Zealand – 28 points
8. Cristabella – 30 points
9. Luna Rossa – 34 points
10. Artemis – 41 points
11. Bigamist - DNC – 60 points

Racing is live everyday on thanks to Audi MedCup TV’s player. (First start 13h00 local time).

Stephanie Nadin

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