Audi MedCup

Planning is well under way for the 2011 Audi MedCup Circuit season which for the first time will feature both the TP52 Series fleet, racing under the new measurement rule which will take the Series forward from 2011, and the exciting new S40 one-design class which has been attracting worldwide attention since it was announced as the Circuit’s second class from 2011 onwards.


The 2011 season is set to follow a very similar schedule of dates as 2011, with one regatta in each of France, Italy, Portugal and two regattas in Spain. As yet most of the city venues have been decided, but final negotiations are continuing.

The regatta format will be the same as previous seasons for the TP52s, racing starts officially each Tuesday and finishes Sunday with one coastal race at each regatta, usually on the Friday. The S40 programme has to be confirmed but will maximise their racing time and they will not race coastal races.

As usual the season’s finale, the last Audi MedCup regatta of 2011, runs Monday to Saturday to allow for a Saturday night final prize-giving party.

In 2011 teams will be allowed two training days only at the venue immediately prior to the event.

The Audi MedCup Circuit event opens the week-end before to the competition commences with a Public Village full of activities open to visitors including an “Open Pontoon Day” the first Saturday.

Whilst each of the five regattas stand alone as an individual event, winning the Circuit requires the best score aggregated from all events.

Sailing is a mechanical sport. Success comes to the team with the right combination of design innovation, preparation, speed, driving skill, reliability and good tactics. But, there is also the fact that sailing is an environmentally clean sport and, fundamentally it is about harnessing natural elements. The winds change minute to minute, and day to day through a regatta, unlike an asphalt race track.

The Audi MedCup Circuit is ackowlegded as the top regatta Circuit in the world today and attracts the very best designers, sailors and technicians. This has inspired many owners and professional sailing teams to compete on the Circuit and to continue to participate along the six year history of what has become Audi MedCup tour.

But it is not all about work. Summer racing means taking in some of the most beautiful sailing locations in the world. And, progressively, the Circuit has moved further afield, also taking in challenging Atlantic arenas off the Portuguese coast.

One key feature of the circuit is to follow a pragmatic route around the venues making it easy on the teams in terms of logistics and travel, starting in May and finishing in September.


Trophy 1 May 17-22

Trophy 2 June 14-19

Trophy 3 July 19-24

Trophy 4 August 23-28

Trophy 5 September 12-17