Louis Vuitton Trophy

Launched by Louis Vuitton in 2009, this new competition concept has been created to gather all year round the best professional sailing teams for top level competitions using a condensed format of duels, adding even more interest by providing equal America's Cup Class boats.


First competition under this concept was carried out in Auckland as Louis Vuitton Pacific Series with 10 teams from 9 countries in February 2009 and has been a great success !

589 Million TV viewers
50.500 unique visitors on the website
574.000 pages in printed media (press articles)
+11 Million Euros of Valorisation (TV, press, radio)

Louis Vuitton and major teams of the international sailing scene, grouped together under the name WSTA (World Sailing Team Association), decided to carry on the concept in order to create THE reference of international sailing, offering to the teams, to their sponsors, and to the media, an economically viable and long lasting platform, capturing fans and media interest throughout the year.

About WSTA
World Sailing Team Association (WSTA) was founded in 2009 by a group of professional yacht racing teams to develop a regular series of high-level competitive racing events. The WSTA is jointly owned by its preferred shareholders and represents the interests of the teams for fair and highly-competitive racing. The WSTA, in conjunction with title partner Louis Vuitton, co-organizes the Louis Vuitton Trophy.


- All races are sailed on the same boats for all the teams, with a draw the day before each race day
- Racing time is reduced to increase intensity and the number of races
- Races are organized close to the coast for the public to enjoy them
- Free access for the public to the event village
- Medias and teams together on the « mother » boat used for the crew changes, so that there is more sharing and news (+non-stop daily radio coverage)
- Live virtual regatta accessible on the village and via internet (Virtual Eye) to make it understandable by everybody
- TV production with free distribution worldwide (News+Live in the host country of each event).

>14 racing days (duels) with qualification pools followed by semi finals and finals
>Boats: Pairs of even America's Cup Class V5 boat supplied by the organization
>Teams from: Italy, France, Germany, USA, Russia, New Zealand, Sweden, UK.

11 international venues from 2009 to 2011:
2-22 of November 2009: Nice (France) (ALL4ONE was the host team and co-organizer of this first event)
9-21 of March 2010: Auckland (New Zealand)
22 of May-6 of June 2010: La Maddalena (Sardinia-Italy)
13-28 of November 2010: Dubai (U.A.E)
9-24 of January 2011: Hong Kong (China)

>+4 events in 2011